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JUN-JUL 2016

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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44 unmanned systems inside   June/July 2016 AIR NEW APPLICATIONS "With the FAA's primary concern being safety, this exemption grant supports our design goal of safely collecting supply chain inventory data in industrial environments, away from any residential areas. PINC Air operates in geo- fenced commercial zones, under the supervi- sion of qualified personnel, while following a pre-programmed path to ensure safety and effectiveness." Dubai-based Exponent Technology Services has already been using drones to track outdoor assets, developing custom solutions using UAS equipped with auto-ID technologies. Exponent developed a solution for Dubai- based AGE Steel, which realized three and a half years ago that it was losing up to 20 per- cent of its stock. "Dur ing the building boom, [that] wa s acceptable," Maroun Hannoush, CEO of Exponent's Montreal division told attend- ees at the XPONEN TIAL 2016 conference in May. But as Dubai's construction indus- tr y began to correct itself, margins tight- ened and AGE started wondering where all its steel beams were going. It turned out that some beams were liter- ally melting in the summer heat, and workers were disposing of the faulty product without communicating back to the sales office. The company's salespeople still thought they had X amount of inventory, but the truth was they really only had Y. Further, with a steel storage yard of 10,000 square meters, individual bundles of product were getting lost. Finding a particular pack- age—with a specific size, grade, and country of origin—wasn't always easy. Exponent developed a solution in which steel bundles are tagged with an active RFID tag. A drone f lies over the storage area twice a day to identify the location of each bundle. "Now they can put the bundles anywhere," Hannoush said. Finding the Right Car Exponent then developed a system for a car dealer that had 45,000 cars across 250,000 square meters of storage yards. Hangout said this dealer employed runners to manually go out into the yard and find a specific car. Pull- ing 20 cars for a dealership could take days. Exponent outfitted another of its drones with an RFID reader and tagged every car coming into the storage yards with an RFID tag, this time a passive one laid on the dash- board. Because the dashboard is f lat and the Photos courtesy of PINC and Exponent Technology Services by Ayhan Kamil "WE HAVE MEANS OF ORCHESTRATING AND OPTIMIZING the process and minimizing the amount of equipment, people and time to move goods from point A to point B." Matt Yearling, CEO PINC Solutions PINC Solutions RFID- reading drone will be able to help frms reconcile inventory in large warehouses and distribution centers.

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