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OCT-NOV 2016

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25 unmanned systems inside October/November 2016 ENGINEERING. PRACTICE. POLICY. lar application; not selling drones but selling a specific solution for a specific job. And, he said, the company is now ready to bring this kind of real added value to Trimble: "We now think that we have the best mapping tool to offer the Trimble network." The new range of microdrones mapping pack- ages just announced includes an entry package- called mdMapper200, the mdMapper1000, with a bigger platform and the ability to cover a larger area, and the mdMapper1000DG package with direct georeferencing technology. "Right now on the market you have some pret- ty good fixed-wings for mapping," Dubrueil said, "but no vertical-take-off-and-landing [VTOL], and that has been missed. We are bringing a VTOL solution to Trimble, and we think we have one of the best on today's market." The idea, Dubreuil said, is that Trimble now has a complete assortment of UAS solutions: "They were selling Gatewing drones, the small fixed-wings, and the ZX5 multicopter. So we are essentially replacing and expanding the existing Trimble portfolio. With our three full packages from microdrones they now have the right VTOLs for aerial mapping, with a good inspection feature." And they are also expand- ing on the other side with a bigger and better fixed-wing UAV from Delair-Tech. In return, Dubreuil said, microdrones gets access to Trimble dealer and distribution channels globally. "We will keep the micro- drones brand, it will be a microdrones product, but approved by Trimble." The Goods Inside While some microdrones are already equipped with Trimble's Applanix APX-15 navigation boards, Dubreuil said future onboard solutions remain open. "The idea is to design a solution together," he said. "For now we will start with the Applanix board, but we will look at other options, like Trimble's GPS product range, but also the software. This is still in development; we are not required to use Trimble boards. It's better to say we are making microdrone prod- ucts and we will continue to look for the best solutions on our side." WE ARE BRINGING A VTOL SOLUTION TO TRIMBLE, AND WE THINK WE HAVE ONE OF THE BEST ON TODAY'S MARKET." Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, President of microdrones Vivien Heriard Dubreuil and Sven Juerss of microdrones at InterGeo in Hamburg, Germany. "

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