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FEB-MAR 2017

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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38 unmanned systems inside   February/March 2017 Jeff Speck, who was invited to speak to the may- ors the following day, was less sanguine about the promise of driverless vehicles. He suggested the mayors needed to be savvy about the pros and cons and clear-eyed about what they want for their cities. For example, he said, if you ease the pain of traffic delays, you will likely ener- gize urban sprawl. "Cities that want to avoid the long-term balance- sheet burden represented by low-density suburbia must double down on efforts to promote smart growth, which essentially means eliminating all hidden subsidies for sprawl," he wrote in a handout for attendees. Transit, he said, could run more smoothly, how- ever, if the cities had access to the data gathered constantly by the new AVs. Speck urged mayors to consider a collective effort to make sure data sharing became a precondition for AV licensing. MEMBERS OF THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON AUTOMATION IN TRANSPORTATION (ACAT) 1. Co-Chair: Mary Barra–General Motors, Chairman and CEO 2. Co-Chair: Eric Garcetti–Mayor of Los Angeles, CA 3. Vice-Chair: Dr. J. Chris Gerdes–Stanford University, Professor of Engineering 4. Gloria Boyland–FedEx, Corporate Vice President, Operations & Service Support 5. Robin Chase–Zipcar; Buzzcar; Veniam, Co-founder of Zipcar and Veniam 6. Douglas Chey–Hyperloop One, Senior Vice President of Systems Development 7. Henry Claypool–Community Living Policy Center, Policy Director 8. Mick Cornett–Mayor of Oklahoma City, OK 9. Mary "Missy" Cummings–Duke University, Director, Humans and Autonomy Lab, Pratt School of Engineering 10. Dean Garfield–Information Technology Industry Council, President and CEO 11. Mary Gustanski–Delphi Automotive, Vice President of Engineering & Program Management 12. Debbie Hersman–National Safety Council, President and CEO 13. Rachel Holt–Uber, Regional General Manager, United States and Canada 14. Lisa Jackson–Apple, Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives 15. Tim Kentley–Klay–Zoox, Co-founder and CEO 16. John Krafcik–Waymo, CEO 17. Gerry Murphy–Amazon, Senior Corporate Counsel, Aviation 18. Robert Reich–University of California, Berkeley, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy 19. Keller Rinaudo–Zipline International, CEO 20. Chris Spear–American Trucking Association (ATA), President and CEO 21. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger–Safety Reliability Methods, Inc., Founder and CEO 22. Bryant Walker Smith–University of South Carolina, Assistant Professor, School of Law and (by courtesy) School of Engineering 23. Jack Weekes–State Farm Insurance, Operations Vice President, Innovation Team 24. Ed Wytkind–President, Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO 25. John Zimmer–Lyft, Co-founder and President Updated: January 11, 2017 MARY BARRA Co-Chair ERIC GARCET TI Co-Chair DR. J. CHRIS GERDES Vice-Chair Photos courtesy of Los Angeles Mayor's Office and Stanford News Service/Linda A. Cicero WASHINGTON VIEW by DEE ANN DIVIS "IT'S NOT JUST CARS — IT'S EVERYTHING." Anthony Foxx, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation He also told the audience they needed to be real- istic about how long it will take for the technology to be adopted and at what point it would become useful in addressing problems. Even so, he has no doubt autonomous vehicles will be an element of the future, he said. "New technologies that increase convenience are unstoppable," he told the mayors. First Steps Some of the issues raised by Speck were already on Co-Chairman Garcetti's mind when he addressed the ACAT for the first time. "We need to anticipate the effects of self-driving cars on our already overburdened streets and free- ways and decide how best to curb urban sprawl," he said. "We don't want people commuting even longer to work—even if their hands aren't on the wheel." Co-Chairman Mar y Barra, General Motors' chairman and CEO, said her industry was in the midst of "more transformation than has occurred

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