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FEB-MAR 2017

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Images should be provided geotagged with sufficient overlap, and in an RGB color (.tif or .jpg) format. Please contact us prior to your flight if you want further information. microdrones management reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse this offer if your application is not relevant to commercial surveying/mapping, or if your existing data/photos are incompatible with our capabilities. * Right now, in addition to expert guidance, the microdrones team will provide you with FREE POST PROCESSING of your first 60 acres / 24 hectares.* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Simply send a relevant mapping question to: of your first 60 acres / 24 hectares.* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. SO EFFICIENT, YOU'LL BE LOOKING FOR NEW HOBBIES mdMapper1000DG is an integrated aerial mapping solution that employs direct georeferencing. It helps you achieve survey grade accuracy using fewer ground control points – or no ground control points at all. A microdrones md4-1000 aircraft is paired with a survey- grade GNSS receiver and a precisely calibrated IMU for mapping. Images are collected via a 42.4 megapixel camera paired with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount. You'll be able to survey hard-to-reach or dangerous sites without risking human injury. And because every microdrones aircraft is built with specially molded carbon fiber, you won't be sidelined on harsh days that involve moisture, sand, or salt. No ground control points, less sidelap, more productivity. mdMAPPER 1000DG

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