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FEB-MAR 2017

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10 unmanned systems inside February/March 2017 AIR AGRICULTURE Long Range Thinking For the air-based platform, the team chose Delair-Tech's DT18, a long range drone with a multi-spectral sensor array called 'DT5- Bands'—a package designed especially for pre- cision agriculture applications. "When you have a big area to map, the DT18 will cover the full area in one f light," Grignard said. "This is important for the ho- mogeneity of lighting conditions during the shots and mandatory if you want to get good quality images. On top of this, the drone is in- credibly stable and the quality of the camera is very high." Grignard described Delair-Tech as a world leader in the development of long-range drones, and that's hardly an exaggeration. The DT18 was in fact the first civilian UAS in the world to be approved for beyond-vi- sual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations by an official rule-making body. The French Civil Aviation Authority (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile—DGAC) approved the DT18 in 2012. "What's more," she said, "we have experi- enced photogrammetrists and agronomist on our team together with high-level engineers for drone design and data scientists. It makes for a very good and complementary mixture of skills to accompany the customer and deliver results." And the proof is, after all, in those results. "The new method is much less time-consuming Photos courtesy of Maisadour Semences Agricultural test plots indicate the success or failure of different options. DELAIR-TECH DT18 AG WEIGHT: 2 Kg SIZE: Wingspan / Length 1.8 m / 1.2 m SET-UP TIME: <8 minutes FLIGHT TIME: 2 hours LAUNCH/LANDING: Hand or catapult / belly RANGE: Up to 100 kms WIND RESISTANCE: 50 km/h (27 kts) OTHER INFORMATION: Built specifi cally for long distance surveying, monitoring, inspection and security. • VLOS, EVLOS, BVLOS certifi cation • Operations from -20° + 50° Celsius "IT'S A NEW WAY of approaching our work and could end up being a new source of applications." Boris Calvet, Maisadour Semences, agriculture assistant for Spain and Southern France G E A R DELAIR-TECH DT18 AG Semences, agriculture assistant for Spain and Southern France G E A R

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