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OCT-NOV 2017

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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AIR NEW PRODUCTS 44 unmanned systems inside   October/November 2017 Marketing Director Mike Dziok said. "There's a tremendous opportunity for us within that network," he said, "and it's not just in providing the best technology, the best software, the best drone integration. That package is obviously the basis for being a good business partner, but the other end of it is people and the training that we do. It's the marketing support we put out there." Dziok pointed out that when you see an ad for Microdrones, it's not usually for Microdrones. Rather, "It's an ad for one of our new Trimble "Our main interest is not to sell drones but to design and provide you with the best tool for your specific application. We can custom- ize all the technological bricks to design end- to-end solutions for your specific need. At that we are the best." Bringing Users into the Data, Literally Another firm making a splash in Berlin was Topcon Positioning Systems, which is working on ways to share and work collaboratively on Microdrones with LiDAR. " OUR MAIN INTEREST IS NOT TO SELL DRONES BUT TO DESIGN AND PROVIDE YOU WITH THE BEST TOOL FOR YOUR SPECIFIC APPLICATION." Elmar Lenz, general manager, Trimble dealers; it's about them and the cool stuff that they're doing with our solutions." As for the new Microdrones LiDAR system, Dubreuil said it will find immediate success in the mining and energy sectors. "I don't think it will replace our other products, like our pho- togrammetry solutions, but it really depends on your application. When you have vegetation that you want to map, when you have a forest cover, or water or glass buildings, there are a lot of applications that photogrammetry is not really good for." And of course, he added, with LiDAR you can have the results right away. "With photogramme- try you need to post-process and it takes hours to get your feedback, so when you need something quickly LiDAR is much more efficient." Dubreuil does not hesitate to call his com- pany "the leaders of mapping solutions based on VTOL." "Next month, he said, "we will be releasing a new product called M-Detector, to detect methane leaks, for example, in long terrestrial pipelines." The laser-based tool will deliver a result in real time and will allow recording for post-processing and mapping of methane levels. big data—bringing collected information to life, so to speak, and making it accessible and meaningful to all involved in a project. Enter Topcon's walk-in 'Immersive Point Cloud Workspace,' combined with its lat- est MAGNET software solution–MAGNET Collage. The Workspace is a four-meter-di- ameter virtual reality dome that can be used to visually navigate through 3-D models of real-life geospatial projects. To f lesh out the model the company's software package com- bines data from IP-S3 mobile mapping tech- nology, the GLS-2000 terrestrial scanner, and point-cloud data from its UAS/UAV products, including the rotary-wing Falcon 8 and the fixed-wing Sirius Pro. "The whole purpose of this dome is you can get inside and experience MAGNET Collage," said software application specialist Andrew Evans, who took me inside the Immersive Point Cloud Workspace. Walking into the dome, we found our- selves standing in the great hall of England's Medieval Bamburgh Castle, or at least in a very detailed point-cloud representation of it. A straightforward joystick allowed us to move up Photos courtesy of Microdrones and Topcon.

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