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OCT-NOV 2017

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AIR INNOVATION 50 unmanned systems inside October/November 2017 sampled to improve forecasting. Having some internal intelligence and coordination is im- portant to maximizing that coverage." The UAS collect the same data as the weather balloons and the weather stations the National Weather Service uses today—includ- ing temperature, moisture and wind pres- sure—but the difference is where that infor- mation is gathered, Houston said. Drones can get to areas traditional methods can't reach, collecting data in parts of the atmosphere that were off limits before. "They can operate in close proximity to the storm and in a targeted fashion," Houston said. "If we had a storm in North Dakota, we could send aircraft to that storm and collect the data that would be used to improve the prediction, without having to rely on a fixed set of observa- tion platforms." The team is focusing on how the drone- based data can be inserted into numerical pre- diction models, Houston said. The improved data would enable the models to better simu- late the intensity and the path of the storm— making their predictions more meaningful. While Houston and his team have complet- ed UAS missions in and near storms and have spent many hours conducting other related Two CU Talon unmanned (right) aircraft are launched simultaneously. The aircraft are hand-launched with assistance from a bungee cord. The simultaneous launch (above) of two CU Talon unmanned aircraft is captured by a multi rotor fl ying overhead. Three CU Talon unmanned (bottom right) aircraft are dispersing to perform individual tasks as part of their cooperative mission.

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