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OCT-NOV 2018

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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ENGINEERING. PRACTICE. POLICY. 47 October/November 2018  unmanned systems inside pacities, Nutzati said. They are also both capable of GPS-directed autono- mous f light. Whereas the Scout is ty pically equipped with a gyro-stabilized pan-tilt GoPro optical camera or a MAPIR sur- pulling a trailer full of gasoline. Nobody has done anything like it before." The company also offers a larger ver- sion of the Scout called the Sentinel. The Sentinel is more efficient in for- ward cruising than the TerraSoar and can reach higher top speeds. The TerraSoar is more efficient in hovering than the Sentinel, can hold position more precisely and can easily hover in any condition. Both the TerraSoar and Sentinel come in models ranging 8 to 12 meters long that can have up to a kilowatt of solar panels and carry up to 10 kilo- grams of payload. They can both f ly at speeds up to 40 knots, although their cruise speed is about the same as the Scout to optimize data collection ca- vey camera, the TerraSoar and Sentinel can carry a wider range of payloads such as a zoom camera, low-light cam- era, thermal camera, LiDAR and radar. APPLICATIONS FOR AIRSHIPS One key application that Mothership sees for the TerraSoar is aerial inspec- tion of pipelines. "There are currently 2.5 million miles of operational energy pipeline in the United States," Nutzati said. Currently inspections are typi- cally performed by low-f lying manned aircraft "at an annual cost of $15,000 per mile," he noted. "Forty percent of the United States' energy pipeline was built before World War II and needs to be inspected frequently to prevent disastrous spills." IMPOSSIBLE HAS A REALLY PROMISING CONCEPT. WHAT EVERYONE WANTS IS LONGER FLIGHT TIMES." Philip Finnegan, director of corporate analysis, the Teal Group " HITEC COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS, LLC 9320 Hazard Way, Suite D, San Diego, CA 92123 858.737.9220 | Agriculture Construction & Excavation Energy & Gas Engineering & Surveying Mining & Aggregates Public Safety Parrot® is a trademark or registered trademark of Parrot SA. MAPIR® is a brand and dba for Peau Productions, Inc. • Fast & Easy Data Extraction • Modular Payload System Allows for Future Sensor Integration • Available with Parrot Sequoia or MAPIR Survey3 & Kernel Sensors ® ® ® • Durable, Robust, Elapor Foam Airframe • Onboard Image Preprocessing • Up to 60 Minute Flight Times • Up to 675 Acres per Flight (2.73 km2) @ 400' AGL • SAFE LAUNCH - Propeller Starts Spinning After Hand Launch ® The fully autonomous XENO FX sUAS easily and capably navigates aerial mapping missions using a state-of-the-art flight control system and flexible interchangeable payload modules. Our proprietary Mission Control software precisely controls and records flight profiles and preprocesses your imagery for rapid data processing and evaluation.

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