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DEC 2018 - JAN 2019

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ENGINEERING. PRACTICE. POLICY. 31 December 2018/January 2019  unmanned systems inside gency medical services and simulta- neously notify Flirtey. If a defibrillator is in close proxim- ity to the victim and can be delivered faster by drone than by ambulance, it will be dispatched to the victim's loca- tion by a pilot located at a Flirtey f light command center. Life-saving instruc- tions will be provided by 911 operators throughout the call and during the re- trieval of the defibrillator, which will be lowered from a hovering drone. FedEx, one of the partners in the program, will host the drones and defibrillators in secure areas at their storefront locations. AEDs include voice prompts to assist bystanders and will not apply a shock if that is un- likely to help the person. The Federal Aviation Administration (FA A) will use data collected from the f lights to craft new rules for complex low-alti- tude operations. WHY RENO? In 2013, the FAA selected the state of Nevada as one of six unmanned air- craft system (UAS) test sites in the United States. The availability of test- ing facilities in Reno were a big part of why Flirtey chose Reno as its home in 2014. The city has been very supportive of their efforts to advance drone deliv- ery, Sweeny said, and now, through the IPP, the city and its partners want to create a model for future medical device deliveries using drone technol- ogy—while helping to achieve the safe integration of drones into the national airspace. "IPP takes drone delivery to the next level," Sweeny said. "We are graduating beyond testing into revenue generating AED operations, as well as commercial operations." Flirtey has found that the safest way to deliver is to hover the drone and lower the package to the ground or into someone's hands.

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