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JUN-JUL 2019

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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DEFENSE GOES COMMERCIAL Applications search labs within large contractors. With OFFSET, we are expanding the tactics available to warfighters, leveraging advances in autono- mous systems to address complex challenges in urban environments." A few advancements already realized from this program include progress on localizing RF emitters in urban environments/coopera- tive localization technologies. Chung continued, "Swarms observe sig- nals from multiple positions simultaneously, collectively improving the estimate of where the RF emitter is located. This technology is particularly important in the urban environment, where large struc- tures can make it more difficult to pinpoint a location." As well, the testing demonstrated the potential of the auction meth- od for swarm activities, where individual unmanned assets "bid" on which will take on a certain task, such as patrolling an area or locating a signal. Based on qualifications including how the asset is equipped or location of the asset, the winning "bidder" will take on that job. No central operator is required, similar to popular apps that allow service providers to bid on available jobs. According to Chung, the upcoming Sprint 3 is focused on human- swarm teaming, again with small business and university partner- ships. The Sprint is focused on tackling different aspects, including the role of novel interfaces that enable operator to swarm (conductor to symphony) engagement. Rather than supervising each individual asset, the human operator directs a cooperative swarm. As part of its UAS Integration in the NAS Project, NASA has devel- oped a phased approach for its UTM platform, building from rural to urban and from low-density to high-density airspace. As part of that approach, NASA signed contracts with Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc., General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. and PAE ISR, LLC to demonstrate progress in the use and eventual certification of systems critical to the safe operation of UAS in the na- tional airspace. The demonstration, known as the Systems Integration and Operationalization (SIO), seeks to leverage integrated detect and avoid, command/control and state-of-the-art vehicle technologies with a pathway towards certification to inform. The SIO will include f light tests in summer 2020 of systems such as General Atomics MQ- 9B SkyGuardian unmanned aircraft, with a focus on development, integration and certification of unmanned aircraft and onboard sys- tems—a critical step to developing standards and regulations. Rehm spoke up for rigor and regulatory evolution. "Do not discard the steps to develop standards, even though they are methodical and slow from a safety perspective. People say it's painful, too much to do and takes too long to get there, but there is real value for the long-term success and sustainability of UAS in the national airspace. While we don't see the market ramping up until year six, we'll be looking for ma- jor regulatory milestones such as the increase in NASA SIO approv- als, a solidification of proven capabilities and U.S. national airspace regulations for Category 4/5 UAS—that's a milestone that tells us the time is right for the delivery of safe, reliable, redundant solutions." Daniel Fuller, senior solutions architect and team lead for Commercial Solutions at Insitu, agreed. "Regulatory is the biggest hurdle. The technology is largely here. But the future of the industry, and applications, depends on the pathway to airspace." INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS FOR UNMANNED SYSTEMS LEMO's interconnect solutions are the perfect choice for harsh environments that require a lightweight connection in a compact space. Key Features: • Rugged • Vibration Resistant • Lightweight • Compact • Hybrid Configurations • A Variety of Sizes and Styles • Cable Assembly Services LEMO USA, Inc. 800-444-5366 unmanned systems inside 43

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