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JUN-JUL 2019

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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63 June/July 2019  unmanned systems inside "Their core technology is the radar that gives us very accurate, very close [readings] and it allows us to take the threat miles away. When we shoot a net, we tether it. We'll tow away the drone to a safe location, safe from the stand-off distance, pre-pro- grammed where you want it to go. "Nets are safe, and inexpensive and easy to operate over people. That's why we chose them. And protecting your airspace is a tenth of the cost of defending from the ground." Since it is tracking automatically, op- erator line of sight regulations are not a deal-breaker. After launching last fall, more than a dozen "skydome" deployments have been put in place. The New York Police Department has petitioned the fed- eral government for authority, which the Department of Justice received in October. "The federal government doesn't want the state and local [officials] walking around with jamming guns, opening everyone's ga- rage door and messing with the spectrum," Bean said about the cautions. "It's a huge concern for privacy and hacking. We work diligently with Washington and the state governments to catch up with the technol- ogy, because if we don't, we're just being re- active instead of being proactive." Bean made a case for physical interven- tion in the era of the iPad. "When they get Dan Johnson, Oracle "The ability to determine BETWEEN FRIEND AND FOE— it's a huge concern right now." Comments have been edited for conciseness and clarity. their iPad out, they set five or six waypoints and the drone f lies. All it's doing is listen- ing to GPS, it's not emitting any RF. So it f lies right over that RF antenna and it's not detected. "That's why people are putting in ra- dars to actively see it, and that's why you need physical countermeasure, whether it be a laser or a drone like the Fortem DroneHunter. Jamming and electronic attacks becoming less of an approach be- cause it's just not possible with these iPads." And so, the battle between threats and solutions continues. To follow it, listen to "Drone Beat," where the best minds in the drone world come to engage. "DRONE BEAT" IS SPONSORED BY RODHE & SCHWARZ. To hear the four podcasts in their entirety, visit unmanned-systems

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