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CALENDAR 16 unmanned systems inside   September/October 2015 QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA— Google is ask- ing aviation regulators to allow U.S. flight tests of an unmanned aircraft of its own design with an eye toward offering courier as well as other local delivery services. The June 22 request for a Section 333 ex- emption for Project Wing, which was not posted on the Federal Aviation Administra- tion's website until August 4, said the firm planned to test on private land with an air- craft weighing less than 55 lbs. Flights would be below 400 feet and during the day, in sight of the operator and, interestingly, never at speeds greater than 100 mph. There are a number of other safeguards, the company said, including what sounds like a built- in override that forces the craft to land if it strays from a predefined area. The Guardian reported earlier that the com- pany already had been testing in the United States under a NASA certificate of waiver or au- thorization (COA). To underscore the benefit of granting the ex- emption, the company made a pitch for the value of drone delivery, noting the courier and local de- livery market in the U.S. generates nearly $100 billion in revenue annually. "Aerial delivery using UAS would help small businesses reach more customers at lower costs, enabling those businesses to grow and create jobs," the firm wrote. An aerial deliv- ery service "could also reach remote areas not served well by current infrastructure or cut off from such connectivity by natural disas- ters and other emergencies" the firm said. "… Unlocking the potential of aerial delivery with small UAS could help address this significant issue." Unmanned courier services? Google seeks exemption drone testing on U.S. soil Photo courtesy of Google A Project Wing vehicle lowering a package to the ground in Queensland, Australia. NEWS & ANALYSIS

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