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APR-MAY 2017

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8 unmanned systems inside April/May 2017 M ultiple sources tell me that our drones have been held hostage by our own FBI, which begs the ques- tion: "Who does hostage negotiations when you're held hostage by the FBI?" In this case, it depends on whether we want to negotiate or just meet their demands. The Department of Homeland Security is refusing to coordinate on the new Micro UAS and Operations Over People rules until the FAA requires a method to "elec- tronically identify" drones in f light as part of the rules. I say we drop the nego- tiations and comply because this demand makes sense. Electronic identification is something the FAA should have insisted upon from the very beginning in Part 107. I know the FA A has been under a lot of pressure to cut red tape and avoid over-regulating the drone industry, but this omission is one that put everyone— manned air traffic, people on the ground, our leaders, our critical infrastructure—at greater risk because we don't have a way for either air traffic management or law enforcement to tell who is f lying what drone in our National Airspace System (NAS). It looks like the FAA is now mov- ing ahead on the issue; the Administrator announced an Electronic ID Aviation Rulemaking Committee at the FAA UAS Symposium in March. How should the FAA comply with this demand? I hope they think it through and devise rules that address the needs of safety, security, air traffic management, law enforcement and drone detect and avoid. It would be easy to panic and rush ADS-B: ALREADY MANDATORY FOR MANNED AIRCRAFT LTE: GOOD SECURITY, NOT STANDARD FOR AVIATION RADIO: CROWDED AND HAS POWER LIMITATIONS RADIO UNPROTECTED, NOT STANDARD FOR AVIATION WiFi: CROWDED AND HAS POWER LIMITATIONS RADIO UNPROTECTED, NOT STANDARD FOR AVIATION RFID: INEXPENSIVE BUT LOW-POWERED Photo courtesy of Oklahoma State THE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS by JAMES POSS, MAJ GEN (RET) USAF, CEO ISR IDEAS DRONES HELD HOSTAGE? General Overview by James Poss, Maj Gen (RET) USAF

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