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Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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AIR MARKET ANALYSIS 16 unmanned systems inside August/September 2017 Photos courtesy of Teal Group and ASIRobotics. Though sales of consumer UAS will still grow, and the sector is forecast to make up just over half of the total 10-year market, the sector is maturing. The fastest growth is now expected in the commercial sector according to the World Civil Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Profile & Forecast, driven in part by the surge of interest among technology lead- ers like Intel, Sony, Google and Facebook. "The greater maturity of the consumer UAS market will limit that growth to rates well be- low the explosive growth of the commercial and civil government markets" according to Teal. "Nonetheless, it will continue to expand thanks to new technological developments and a wider range of product offerings. Moreover, there promises to be considerable crossover be- tween the consumer and the commercial UAS markets. Fastest Growing Teal projects that construction will be the fast- est growing market for commercial UAS from 2017 through 2026. "The 10 largest worldwide construction companies are all either working to integrate or are studying the integration of UAS in their operations. The three largest construction equipment companies are adding UASs to their product lines, either from an outside ven- dor or through developing their own systems," wrote Teal. "The mix of systems for construc- tion will range from prosumer systems for sim- ple tasks like roof inspections to higher end, relatively autonomous mini systems that are able to track progress on construction sites." A new report on the market for unmanned aircraft forecasts annual growth of 15.5 percent and a steady fl ow of venture capital as drone fi rms test their plans in the crucible of the marketplace. by Dee Ann Divis CIVILIAN DRONE MARKET WORTH $73.5 BILLION THROUGH 2026 16 unmanned s ystems unmanned s ystems unmanned s inside unmanned s inside inside unmanned s August/September 2017 August/September 2017 A ccording to a new report the market for civil, commercial and consumer drones will expand from $2.8 billion in 2017 to an annual level of more than $11.8 billion by 2026—a compound growth rate of 15.5 percent. Customers are expected to spend a total of $73.5 billion across all three sectors dur- ing those 10 years with the value of the com- mercial drone market outpacing that of the consumer market by 2024, according to the World Civil Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Profile & Forecast by the Teal Group. The re- port includes data for the drones themselves and those sensors sold with the systems, but not after-market sensors. The study looks at mini unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), that is those less than 55 lbs., as well as prosumer and small, higher-end drones for use by government agencies doing, for ex- ample, maritime patrol or firms doing pipeline inspections. It also examined the market for tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian government tasks such as peacekeep- ing and medium- and high-altitude aircraft for applications like border monitoring and drone-based Internet networks for underserved areas. The conclusions are grounded in extensive interviews, said Philip Finnegan, Teal's director of corporate analysis. THE TEAL GROUP REPORT World Civil Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Profi le & Forecast is available for $2,195 from

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