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FEB-MAR 2018

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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Eco-friendly fuel adds Bio-inspired models Industry needs cameras 66 ide s 3 February/March 2018 unmanned systems inside 46 EU Space Industry Embraces Support Role for Unmanned Space offers satellite navigation, citywide drone connectivity 50 Nuclear Power Plants turn to UAS Facilities put trust in UAS for variety of inspections, improving safety and reducing costs 57 Learning to Navigate Like Rats in a Maze aid vehicles' ability to geo-locate in tangles of subterranean tunnels 60 Hydrogen Fuel Cells Enable Long Flights hours to missions but the lack of infrastructure remains a challenge FGQ: Drones for Agriculture with more, narrower bands, faster results 66 Industry needs cameras Bio-inspired models Eco-friendly fuel adds for Agriculture Drones FGQ: Enable Long Flights Hydrogen Fuel Cells 60 subterranean tunnels geo-locate in tangles of aid vehicles' ability to 3 hours to missions but the lack of infrastructure remains a challenge with more, narrower bands, faster results ms ed s d ys tem nmanne nside inside 18 unma i inside side nmann nma in inside e ide inside m s h 2018 unma February/March 2018 February/March 2018 unma Febru as F s February/March 2018 BRUSSELS VIEW ON THE COVER Drones a new tool for volcano studies Contents 26 50 6 Editorial Opinion 8 What Would the Air Force do? The service has millions of f light hours of drone experience to offer 14 Microdrones User Showcase Course Corrections with UAS-based LiDAR 16 UAS Help Predict Volcanic Activity Challenges: downdrafts, ash, corrosive gases 26 Firms Announce Deals, Intro Cars, LiDAR, Software Autonomous vehicles a focus at Consumer Electronics Show 36 Marine Robotics Maker Space Open to New Innovators 3-D printing, milling, CAD available plus prototyping advice 42 No Consensus on Advice for Drone ID, Tracking Rules Commercial UAS firms at odds with hobbyists over who must equip 2018 SPONSORED CONTENT GENERAL OVERVIEW WASHINGTON VIEW unmanned systems INSIDE ENGINEERING, POLICY AND PRACTICE inside 16 50

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