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FEB-MAR 2018

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

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ENGINEERING. PRACTICE. POLICY. 39 February/March 2018 unmanned systems inside The Center is working on a long du- ration vehicle for the Department of Homeland Security to map oil spills under ice, Bellingham said. "So that becomes kind of a test bed for some of the long duration vehicle concepts." Going Virtual DunkWorks plans to add another tool—virtual reality—to help those de- veloping new robotics better visualize the systems they are working on. CMR is experimenting with advanced gam- ing systems, which it plans to install in DunkWorks' second-f loor space as an aid to rapid prototyping. The idea, McGee said, is for designers to "climb into" the virtual system and work through problems. "So we take the 3-D scan with our 3-D scanners of an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) and we bring it into our gaming environment. You and I climb in with our headsets. We have our virtual pencils and our vir- tual erasers then we go in and we walk around it together. And you say: 'Well how about we put the camera here?' And then I walk around the other side and say: 'No I think it would work bet- ter over here.' And then we can figure out ways to actually make that system operate in the environment in which we want to operate" The virtual reality system should also enable engineers to better visual- ize the ocean environment. "We col- lect a lot of data globally," McGee said. It's one thing to look at ocean current data, for instance on a 2-D screen in charts, but there's not a way to actually get into it as an environment. "So the question is," McGee said, "can we bring some of that type of data into a gaming environment and actually be able to vi- sualize it and understand it and make it more useful to us?" Joining DunkWorks The stated goal of the Center for Marine Robotics is to open the oceans "THEY FIX IT, THEY PRINT UP ANOTHER ONE AND THE NEXT ONE WORKS." James Bellingham, director, Center for Marine Robotics

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